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Creating new business opportunities

In a world where the majority of companies are still working on the old industrial model, it’s time to look at a new way of doing business.
NBD-Totaal believes in companies with a good balance between profit optimization, humanity, world and a shared goal (purpose).

Meaningful companies

Consumers want companies that influence the greater overall and / or public interest. Therefore, it is important to create concepts that respond to the new purpose economy.

New Business Development

Creation of new (online) products, service, business models and marketing. We do this in-house or in cooperation with partners.

Business development

NBD-Totaal developed new products, services and business models for existing organizations with problems in challenging markets.

Explore, Design, Create

You are in good hands

NBD-totaal knows what it takes to launch a new concept. Using a custom-designed blueprint, all key points required to launch a new concept are completed.

Makes ideas reality

Do you have a great idea but do not know where to start? Feel free to contact us for possible cooperation.

Current trends

NBD-Totaal combines the latest trends in; Product, market, marketing, technology, business models and social and demographic changes to create new concepts.


Offering a total concept in New Business Development, NBD-Totaal works on developing new projects and businesses – from creation to realization to management. Over the years, we’ve completely outsourced e-commerce businesses, and developed a clear approach to turn ideas into strategies and, ultimately, that much-coveted first sale.


Concept development






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